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Why should I donate to United Way?
Simply put, United Way knows that you want to make a difference – and we can help you do that. By partnering with businesses, individuals, and local charities, the United Way of Ashtabula County accomplishes more collectively than any one group or person can do on their own.   United Way’s role is to provide leadership, bringing resources and individuals together to improve lives and build a stronger community. Through constant research, we make sure the issues that matter most to our community are what we focus on. This focus ensures United Way programs are never short-term solutions, but the difference between the quick fix and success.

Where does my United Way donation go?
Your gift stays right here in Ashtabula County and it is given to more than twenty local charities known as our Partner Agencies.  You can read more about each agency elsewhere in this web site.

Who decides where the money goes?
A group of about sixty dedicated volunteers known collectively as the Community Investment Committee. They review grant applications, visit each charity, study financial information and program outcomes, and meet with representatives of the organizations before making any decisions on funding.

Are donations tax-deductible?
Yes. Every cent you give to United Way is deductible to the extent allowed by law. United Way of Ashtabula County is recognized as a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c)(3) of the IRS Code.

How much of what I give goes to overhead?
Our administrative and fundraising costs are approximately 14%. This figure is much lower than most nonprofit organizations. According to the Better Business Bureau, you should make sure you are giving to organizations that have an overhead of 30% or less.  The extensive network of volunteers, in-kind donations and fiscal responsibility keep our costs down, and well below the national average for most charities.

Who runs United Way?
Our United Way is run by volunteers who live or work in Ashtabula County. The Board of Trustees and other committees conduct the research, set strategic planning goals, run the community campaign, and make funding decisions and review United Way's ongoing operations.  A small paid staff provides support and continuity.  Our United Way is completely independent from all of the other 1300 United Ways in the country.  All of our donations come from Ashtabula County, all of our donations are given to charities serving Ashtabula County, and the well being of Ashtabula County is our only concern.


What is the United Way of America?

The United Way of America is a trade organization that provides national advertising, research services and training to local United Ways.  United Way of America does not govern our United Way or any of the 1300 other local United Ways across the country. The United Way of Ashtabula County pays dues to United Way of America equivalent to one penny of every dollar we raise from donations.


Why should I give? I never use these services.
United Way’s Partner Agencies provide a complete range of services from infant care to services for the frail elderly. Most of us, or one of our family members, will access at least one of these services at some point in our lives.  Helping ensure the success of the community as a whole does affect each of us directly – it may be a coworker, neighbor or family member that needs help, and your gift makes sure that help is available.

How much should I give?
Only you can decide what an appropriate giving level is for you. Many people follow a guideline, such as one hour's pay per month, or a percentage of their annual salary. Every gift matters, so please take the time to give it the consideration it deserves.

How can I make my donation to United Way?
Please see the GIVE section of our website for your options.


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