A Short History Of Our United Way

The United Way traces its roots to 1887 when clergy in Denver, CO wanted to help families who had traveled to the Rocky Mountains looking for work in the mines and ended up in poverty. They organized a fundraising campaign for ten different charities. The idea of a single effort to raise funds for many charities was an appealing one and it spread to other communities.

The United Way of Ashtabula County began in 1920 through the efforts of labor and civic leaders as well as volunteers from local charities. We were known then as the Ashtabula Community Fund. In 1938 we became the Ashtabula Community Chest and adopted the Red Feather as our symbol. We became a local affiliate of United Way in 1974, thus becoming the United Way of Ashtabula County.

Our role is similar to the group that formed in Denver so many years ago.  We host an annual campaign raising funds in support of local programs offered through our partner charities. The programs we help to fund focus on Education, Financial Stability and Healthy Living...the building blocks of a successful life.  UWAC will evolve as our local needs change, but one thing that won't change is our commitment to making Ashtabula County a better place for everyone.